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White Feather Live
Forthcoming 2024 Demonstrations

Saturday 20th July, 6.30pm  Trinity Spiritualist Church, Tredegar. NP22 3RD - 07983 723108
Tuesday August 6th, 7.15pm - Salt of the Earth Spiritualist Church, Droitwich

What they said.....

"Robert in trance was brilliant and should be heard by all the world leaders." JJL

"We are so grateful for an extraordinary evening with medium Robert Goodwin, who gave an incredible trance demonstration with White Feather. The messages received were truly amazing and touching. Thank you for this unique and enlightening experience." - The Dorothy Hudson Spiritualist Centre, Oldbury

"Many thanks for an excellent evening and thank you to all who attended." - Sutton Coldfield Spiritualist Church

"I would like to say a big 'thank you' to Robert Goodwin and his lovely wife Amanda, for coming to Lichfield and giving us the opportunity to witness spirit through the medium of trance. A really fantastic evening with spirit answering questions from the congregation. Thank you both, and we look forward to seeing you again."  - Lichfield Spiritualist Church & Healing Centre

"We had a wonderful evening yesterday! If you weren’t there then commiserations, you missed a marvellous service and demonstration of trance mediumship. The Guide was on excellent form, and he spoke with his usual eloquence, patience and knowledgeable insight into the human condition and our spiritual nature. There was much more spoken about during the Q&A’s, which were answered promptly and succinctly as always. Thank you to Robert & Amanda Goodwin for coming to serve the church and giving ‘White Feather’ an opportunity to disseminate his wisdom and teaching to all present."

 - Aberaeron Spiritualist Church

"Thank you both so much for coming, I really hope you'll come again , it was very thought provoking and everyone has said how much they enjoyed the evening, so thank you again." - Salt of the Earth Spiritualist Church


" It truly was very beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have seen Robert a few times before, but this evening ws a whole new level. Thank you." JPO


"What a wonderful evening we had last night. White Feather speaking through the trance mediumship of Robert Goodwin was inspirational. He answered questions with love and understanding but without hesitation of narrative. Some of the responses I had from those who attended were:- 'What an inspiration' , 'He really gave me food for thought' 'He's given me a new perspective'. Thank you Rob and Amanda for your years of dedication, sitting for the development of the Trance state in order that we may receive with clarity and love the teachings of White Feather."


"I just want to say thank you for last night. I felt very privileged to be in the company of Robert and Amanda and of course White Feather. I have been twice before and still come away feeling very inspired and touched by his teachings, it was a brilliant experience."


"Thanks to White Feather, and to Robert and Amanda for an amazing evening of wisdom from Spirit."


"True trance mediums are very far and few which is a shame I could sit and listen all day to the wise words of the spirit thank you for your wonderful work and love of the spirit xx" 


May I say "thank you" to Robert Goodwin for the amazing, uplifting and inspiring demonstration of Trance at the White Feather on Saturday. Of course also "thank you to Emma and her mum for organising the night. It was a real joy to watch a true Trance medium and a true ambassador of spirit. I received so much from the night and what took me back was many of the things I have been saying was also stated by his guide. The philosophical address really made one think deeply about many things. Thank you to his wife Amanda also.


Fabulous evening, thoroughly enjoyed with lots of wisdom given xx Thank you White feather, Rob, Amanda and Yvonne and Emma and everyone for hosting a lovely evening


We had a Demonstration of Trance at 'Spirit Fusion UK' last evening by Rob Goodwin and his wife Amanda wereby he brought his Spirit Guide 'White Feather' through. What an exceptional, informative evening whereby the 'Power of Spirit' shone through so very brightly. Many thanks to them both. God Bless.


"Back from a demonstration of Robert Goodwin and his guide White Feather: absolute in awe by the gift of his beautiful work. His words have touched me so deeply and the healing found in his wisdom I could not have ever expected.


Love and forgiveness are such powerful forces and I feel deeply grateful to be allowed to experience this in my life. Though not easy at times, I realise now how fortunate I am."


"Just spent with my two development circles, an amazing 2 hours thanks to Robert with his guide White Feather. Thank you for the philosophy and all the answers to the many varied questions from the group. All answered with understanding, love and compassion. An opportunity never to be missed if it is presented to you. thank you for the service you do for spirit Rob. Love and light."


"Thank you for a fab evening at Hafan -Y- Coed - best demonstration I have ever seen."


"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being in your company. Hearing that level of spiritual philosophy thank you for ALL you do. All good wishes."


"Everyone was mightily impressed with the wisdom that came through & with no hesitation.  Amanda guided it all with sensitivity & indeed judging by the amount of discussion that went on with you & for some time after you left we were left with a great deal of food for thought. Thank you so much for a truly wonderful evening! "


"I would just like to thank you and white feather for a very inspiring evening at the Temple of Angels, in Coventry. The energy in the room was very powerful, I did see white feathers features come through in your face, I really enjoyed listening to his opinions on the things he spoke of. I am still buzzing."


"Thank you to Robert Goodwin for a thought provoking evening of trance in the company of White Feather. The spiritual philosophy and wisdom was inspiration. "


"Gotta say I thought you and White Feather were amazing last night at the Northampton Spiritualist Church!"


"I am enjoying the book immensely thank you and I was so impressed and motivated after Saturday. I have seen quite a few trance mediums, but none as good as you and White Feather." "


A little delayed, I know, but we just wanted to say what a wonderful evening we had on Saturday night. Everybody enjoyed it very much and are asking when the next one will be."


".....another great evening of trance mediumship with Robert and Amanda Goodwin and White Feather of course, tonight at King's Heath Spiritualist Church. Truly inspirational words and thoughts, as well as a wonderful sense of love and regard from the guide."


"Thank you for all you both did with your guides last night it was a very interesting evening and the love that came to our centre was beautiful to feel. Thank you both again. What a wonderful amount to raise for the Birmingham Hospital Children I hope it helps even if it's just a little."


"Thank you for an amazing night of trance I felt so up lifted afterwards and full of energy and love, it was just amazing!"

"Thank you Susan for another great night, Robert Goodwin & Sunflower were brilliant again."


"Lovely inspirational evening. Thank you."


"Thank you for a very interesting evening at Hinckley, really enjoyed it."


"Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for the inspiring and thought provoking evening last Saturday at Hinkley. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to experience the philosophy and insight that spirit gave us."


"I feel I must write to you & thank you for such a wonderful evening last Saturday at 'Butterflies'. How wonderful spirit are, to bring this wonderful knowledge to us all. It makes one feel so humble."


"I just wanted to thank you very much for the demonstration of trance last night at Leamington. I have in the past read teachings of Silver Birch and refer to the books frequently and have often wished that I would have been old enough to have been present and witnessed the information first hand, but after last night i did indeed witness a really awe inspiring night which most certainly made me feel humble to have listened to White Feather and the wisdom given."


"Fabulous evening of Trance mediumship at Brownhills Excelsior Spiritualist Church this evening. So wonderful to sit in the power of the World Unseen. Thank you Rob and Amanda for your love and dedication. Thank you to White Feather for your presence, love and wisdom x Amazing x Amazing x Amazing"


"Many thanks for sharing the philosophy of White Feather with us last night at Stourbridge Spiritualist Church. We really enjoyed being inspired and just being in the moment with spirit."


"You and White Feather worked very, very well tonight. He answered brilliantly as always."


"It has been my delight and privilege to have known you and your guide of the higher realms White Feather for over 25 years...your partnership has brought much truth love and understanding to us here on the earth plane... your own dedication to your spiritual work is admiral and does indeed prove that pure love and trust make the link between the two worlds so incredibly honest."


"What a privilege to once more be in the company of 'White Feather ': A truly spiritual evening ,thanks Rob and Amanda, 34 yrs has flown by!"


"Fabulous evening last night. Thanks so much to you and Amanda, the feedback has been amazing."


"Fantastic evening full of hope, infinity and love."


"Wonderful night gave us a lot to think about, very interesting thank you both Rob and Amanda for spending the time after to talk to everyone individually - makes such a difference to the evening" x


"I just wanted to say thank you for the trance demonstration you and White Feather gave on Saturday evening in Wolverhampton Spiritualist Church. From my perspective, as a developing Trance medium, it was wonderful to watch, listen and learn."

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