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Wavefields - determining the perceptions of the 'incarnated'?

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Some core principles

Physical Reality is a persistent illusion created by the mind.

'Matter' is not solid but appears that way because of the resistance between two electromagnetic waveform states

We live in a 'virtual reality' holographic universe

Our mindbody 'computer' decodes information from waveform fields thus allowing our real nature (infinite consciousness) to experience what we term 'reality'

Our 'individual consciousness'  further decodes vibrational information from the metaphysical universe into other forms of information: (Electrical, Digital, Holographic)

The human 'body' acts like a lens that focuses our attention upon a specific, small range of frequencies

Through the holographic nature of creation, every part reflects the whole

DNA acts as a human antenna that both transmits and receives information from waveform fields

Energy can never be destroyed - it only ever changes state. We are energy and information.

Space, Time and Consciousness are aspects of one continuum

We are connected to everything because we are everything

Manifesting through Human 'Form' - a brief synopsis


Our essential nature is 'Awareness' - the unchanging 'screen' upon which 'reality' appears. When an aspect of awareness localises as 'form' (a point of attention) it does so through Infinite Consciousness which  resonates as 'The Field' (Unified Field)  connecting through further sub-fields (or Morphic Fields) appertaining to humanity. Within these fields, consciousness, condensing still further to operate through Mind decodes wavefield information/energy from the holographic universe to create an apparently 'physical' body through which to experience (incarnate in) the apparently 'physical' universe. There is no 'physical' universe or 'matter' as such - these are illusions (albeit persistent ones) that only exist and arise within consciousness.

Genetic predispositions, 'physicality' and other traits that are supposedly 'fixed' at 'birth' by DNA and 'Genetics' - are not so, as the science of Epigenetics proves. Genes can and do respond to consciousness and it is thus entirely possible to modify what was before considered to be 'set in stone' through thoughts, behaviour and most importantly - intent. Whilst experiencing at the 'material' level, consciousness is focused through the lens of mind and notably for most people - the five -sense reality, unless they able to 'think' and experience beyond it in a more expansive way. When consciousness does expand (quicken its vibrational frequency) it resonates with more expansive fields and is thus, less confined and subjected to the influences of the 'physical' world. This is why some 'individuals' can 'see' further than others and do in effect, experience a different reality; the information (within the holographic fields) that they resonate with and are thus able to decode, reflects directly their overall level of consciousness.

The notion of Past, Present and Future as well as Space and Time (Spacetime) which are viewed by mainstream science as unquestionable facts are also illusory concepts arising within consciousness, as there exists only the ever-present NOW.

Within this paradigm we need not exclude long-standing spiritual concepts such as Spirit, the Soul, Freewill, Karma and Natural Law, but merely see them explained and incorporated a little differently to encompass modern scientific/esoteric thinking.

More about these concepts can be found in Robert's two books, 'Transcognitive Spirituality' and 'Light: The Divine Intelligence' available from this website (Paperback) or via Amazon (eBook).


Author Michael Talbot discusses his classic book 'The Holographic Universe' and the science behind it.

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