The Rob Goodwin Podcast

The monthly Rob Goodwin Podcast will appear here regularly, featuring recordings from White Feather plus interviews, opinions and discussions on the latest cutting edge discoveries in the metaphysical arena as well as updates on current world events. You can also listen to the podcast via Buzzsprout , Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, via Amazon 'Alexa' (just say 'Alexa, play the Rob Goodwin Podcast) or your own podcast provider - enjoy!

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Please note that the Rob Goodwin Podcast is recorded and produced entirely free of charge to the listener. However, any donations towards the ongoing production costs will be gratefully received.

Latest Episode 36 - 25th November 2022

This penultimate episode of the year concludes the second half of our October online trance session with White Feather and features the remainder of the Q&A section of the communication. Again, the spirit sage does not dissapoint, answering questions put to him by online participants from across the globe.

Previous Episode 35 - 4th November 2022

On 8th October 2022 White Feather spoke through his trance medium Robert Goodwin to impart spiritual philosophy and answer questions from an international online audience. As always, he did not disappoint, delivering a fascinating opening address before answering a wide variety of questions in his usual inimitable style.

A Life In Trance - 50 Years as the medium of White Feather

Previous Episode 34 - 14th October 2022

As someone who has demonstrated as a trance medium for close on half a century, Rob regards himself so privilaged to have been the instrument for White Feather and the wonderful teachings that he has imparted. He has also worked alongside some fantastic mediums and witnessed first hand the transformative power of spirit. In this episode Rob is privilaged to share the work of two developing trance mediums, both resident in the US, with whom he's been working to hone their ability. As Rob says, "I cannot take full credit for the point at which they find currently themselves, because others have shared in their development and deserve credit for the work that they have done. That said, I am delighted to have been able to share with them both, my many years of experience and hope that in some small way, I am helping to take them to another level."

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